Signing Up

Reviewing the Guidelines

Before you get started, we recommend that you review our information aboutĀ Choosing a Domain Name.

The Sign-Up Process

Once you’ve reviewed the guidelines, you can proceed to theĀ sign-up page.

Click the “Get Started” Button:

Get Started

You will be redirected to login for verification. Click the “Login in with Shibboleth” button. You will then use your University of South Carolina username and password to log in:

Creating Your Free Subdomain

Enter the subdomain name you want for your Create Digital website. When you’ve found an available subdomain, click the button labeled Click to Continue.

Review your subdomain and contact information. It should be your first name, last name, and UofSC email. Click Sign Up.

After you click Sign Up, you will see a page letting you know that your domain is ready. You will then be redirected to the cPanel where you are on your way to creating your own Create Digital space.

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