Create Digital and Storage

Storage space in Create Digital is limited, so users may want to consider connecting to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) or another storage service. As of May 2023, they offer a generous free tier. Learn more about their pricing structure:  

To create an AWS account, visit and select Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). You may want to consider adding multi-factor authentication (MFA) for security.

Create a bucket in S3 and upload your files, as described in the documentation below. Once your files have been added, you can set up S3 to an Omeka Classic, Omeka S, or WordPress installation. View the documentation for each below:

Omeka Classic:

Omeka S:–Setting-up-S3-storage-with-Omeka-S


We have tested the free version of WP Offload Media Lite, one of the recommended S3 plugins. An advantage of this plugin is that it is easy to install and configure, but a disadvantage is that the free version will only work with newly uploaded files. If you are starting a new WordPress instance, it should work well, but if you are working with an existing instance this may not suit your needs.

Working with Scalar is more complicated. If you are interested in storing Scalar files in S3, please contact to discuss options.

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