Installing Google Analytics on your WordPress Account

The best way to know your audience is through your traffic stats, and this is what Google Analytics provide for free. Google Analytics will help you make data-driven decisions by showing you the stats that matter most.

To add Google Analytics to your WordPress site:

1.The first step is to create an account on the Google Analytics site.

2. You will be asked to log in to your Google account.

3. Then, click the sign up button to get started

Google analytics sign up

4. Fill out the form with your information— make sure that your website URL is entered correctly.

5. Read through the optional settings (checking all is recommended). Then, click “Get Tracking ID”

6. Read through Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement, and click “I Accept”

7. On the next page, your Tracking ID will be displayed along with a disclaimer that you still need to set up Google Analytics on your website. Leave this tab open so you have the Google Analytics information readily available. 

8. So that you can view your Google Analytics right in your WordPress dashboard, the next step is to install a plugin called “Monster Insights.” To get started, click on Plugins, then Add New from the WP menu.

9. In the search bar, enter “Monster Insights,” and once you find the plugin, click the Install Now button. Once installed, click the Activate button.

Monster insights

10. Click on Plugins in your WP menu, and you should see the newly activated Monster Insights plugin. Click “Settings” to begin configuring the plugin.

11. Click “Authenticate with your Google Account.”

12. Next you’ll either login or the select the Google account you used to set up your Analytics account. Then agree to the Google settings.

13. Select “All Web Site Data,” tell Google you’re not a robot, and click Complete Authentication.

14. You’ll be taken back into Monster Insights in your WP account. Click Save changes.

15. You can now view basic data in the Dashboard or Reports view of Monster Insights. Remember that you can also go to to view your full analytics (real-time reports, locations, traffic sources, etc.)

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